We provide thousands of free meals a week, and a warm space across 30,000 sq. ft. Therefore our pledge to sustainability and minimising our ecological impact is one of our core governing principles.

  • Fully sustainable ‘on-site’ allotment for growing vegetables and herbs that are used in our community kitchen. One of the only Gurdwara in the UK growing their own produce.

  • Recently completed major lighting conversion project to covert all high energy usage Halogen lighting to low energy LED lighting.

  • Soon to be upgraded ‘Grease Traps‘ to eliminate oils and fats being dispersed into the main water network. We are also hoping to install an ‘Oil Collection’ container for the local community to start recycling used cooking oils.

We will soon be releasing our “Commitment to Sustainability Pledge” that showcases implemented projects, and a view of all the sustainability projects on our roadmap. If you would like to support these efforts, then please submit a request via the Open Seva Programme.