Our Diwaan Services

“When I came to God’s Darbar, His Holy Court, then all of my cries and complaints were settled.“

Guru Arjan Dev Ji – Ang 621

Within a Gurdwara “Diwaan” is to be in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. To be in the Darbar of ‘Guru Ji’ is to be in the ‘Court of Our King’.

There are many occasions in the life of a Sikh and their families that the services of the Gurdwara Sahib are requested from birth, to marriage, to celebration and bereavement.

It’s of particular significance that we strengthen our relationship with Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, not only throughout all of life’s key events and milestones, but to fulfil our Divine purpose of connecting with Waheguru.

Paath, Kirtan and Langar are available during the Gurdwara Sahib’s regular opening hours. If you would like the “Seva” of any of the programmes below, or require the support of the Gurdwara Sahib – then we would be more than happy to discuss this with you.

  • Sri Akhand Paath Sahib
  • Sri Sukhmani Sahib Paath
  • Sehaj Paath Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
  • Langar Di Sewa – Open Community Kitchen
  • Sri Antam Sanskar – Sikh Funeral Service
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Throughout our 3 beautifully presented Darbar Sahib’s we are privileged to be able to provide these services in tranquil, leafy surroundings. With easy transport links via. both road, rail and airport.

Our first and second floor Darbar Sahib’s – each over 5,000 sq. ft – have been designed to provide the Sangat with a warm, spacious, peaceful and divine atmosphere. The experience of the Sangat and our ability to provide a high-standard of service is of the utmost importance.

The Gurdwara Sahib’s Community Kitchen and Langar hall also provides over 5,000 sq. ft of space to enable us to provide free meals and a warm space for the entire local community.

In addition to our spacious Darbar Sahib’s, Community Kitchen and Langar Hall, we also host a 5,000 sq. ft. function room to support charitable projects.

If you would like to discuss supporting the “Seva” of any of our Diwaan Services, please contact us.