Dasvandh to 10k

“With great effort and exertion, the miser works to gather in the riches of Maya. He does not give anything in charity or generosity, and he does not serve the Saints; his wealth does not do him any good at all.“

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji – Ang 712

Commit your Dasvandh today with a regular standing order and help us achieve £10k per month. Support us in the provision of these services and make future investment projects AND new projects a reality!

Support the sharing of Guru Ji’s message
Your contribution will support the Building Fund and ongoing run costs of the Gurdwara Sahib.

Wellbeing projects
Your contribution will support the ongoing provision of Langar (thousands of free meals a week), a warm/safe space and ongoing health and fitness programmes.

Education services
Your contribution will support the ongoing provision of free education services, including Punjabi classes and Gurbani Santhia. Our full education programme is here.

Music and artistry
Your contribution will support free Kirtan classes and support creative enrichment programmes.

Investment in future projects
Your contribution will help fund and secure the following upcoming projects *:

* Please note these designs are conceptual and may not necessarily reflect the final design/implementation.

Standing Order via. Internet Banking

Name: SGGSJ Telford
Account Number: 72221268
Sort Code: 40-43-03
Reference: Your Name


Payroll Giving

If your workplace supports Payroll Giving you can make a regular donation via. a Payroll Giving Agency which provides a tax incentive to you. Charitable Giving have a useful “tax savings” calculator on their website. For more information please enquire via. your employer.

Printed Standing Order Mandate

Download and complete this form and email a copy to 10k@telfordgurdwara.org

Are you a UK Tax Payer?
For every £1 you donate, the Gurdwara can claim a further 25p on your donation. If you are a higher or additional rate tax payer, further tax relief is available to you. Please contact us for more information or send us a signed copy of the Gift Aid Declaration Form.