How to Donate

Are you a UK Tax Payer?

For every £1 you donate, the Gurdwara can claim a further 25p on your donation. If you are a higher or additional rate tax payer, further tax relief is available to you. Please contact us for more information.

Dasvandh, which translates to “one-tenth part,” is a fundamental tenet of the Sikh faith, to encourage the Sangat to donate a portion of their income or resources to support those in need.

This concept not only reinforces the value of charity but also fosters a sense of responsibility towards one’s community. Dasvandh serves as a reminder that all resources ultimately belong to the divine and as individuals we have a duty to share these gifts with others.

The practice of Dasvandh dates back to the time of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who emphasised the importance of selfless giving as a path to spiritual growth.

“Our governance structure and high standards of professional management ensure full accountability for all funds. We regularly provide updates on the Gurdwara’s roadmap with full transparency across future project funding and investment.”

At Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Gurdwara we encourage the Sangat – where possible – to support the Gurdwara through a regular monthly donation.

A regular donation enables the Gurdwara Sahib to:

– Support the wider community and help to develop a roadmap for future projects.

– Fund education whilst helping us to further spread Guru Ji’s message.

– Continue to provide ‘undisrupted’ services for those less fortunate in our local and wider community. From food, to heat and education.

– Support the Sevadaar team, by ensuring a regular cashflow to provide financial security – especially during quiet periods of the Gurdwara’s annual schedule.

Receipts are available – for both in person and online donations – at the Gurdwara Sahib. Feel free to contact us for any support around receipts or gift-aid.

Internet Banking

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In Person

Cash, Cheque or via our on-site Donation Machines.


Payroll Giving

If your workplace supports Payroll Giving you can make a regular donation via. a Payroll Giving Agency which provides a tax incentive to you. Charitable Giving have a useful “tax savings” calculator on their website. For more information please enquire via. your employer.

In Person or Remote Seva

Time is just as valuable as financial contributions, and is a key input into the successful operations and growth of the Gurdwara Sahib. To find out more about how to donate time, experience and expertise to the Gurdwara, then join our Open Seva Programme.

A Review

Yes – even your time in “donating” a review of the Gurdwara Sahib is a valuable contribution. A review on TripAdvisor or Google provides us with support to help further improve our reach.

Are you a Director of a UK Registered Limited Company?
If so, you could claim Corporation Tax Relief on any direct donations to the Gurdwara.