Santhia Classes

The focus of Santhia is to teach the proper pronunciation of gurbani. Students will learn to read from the Gutka Sahib using the correct pauses between words.

Santhiya is important because it helps make our understanding of Gurbani more clear. Many words themselves have very unique meanings that become apparent once we learn how to split them up or understand their root word.

The first thing you learn is correct pronunciation. The correct way to speak this has been passed on in an oral tradition. You will also learn the pathantar(different way the text is read) due to pad-chhed which occurs in different places. We also learn where exactly the pause comes in a verse, this again has the potential to change the meaning. Like “Nanak neech, kahe bichar” versus “Nanak, neech kahe bichar”. In the former it seems that the Guru is referring to himself in that way, but the latter form with a different pause clarifies that he is describing others who behave in this way.


Monday – 5:30pm to 6:30pm

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