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Gurmat Sangeet or Shabad Kirtan has been an integral part of Sikh worship from the very beginning. Hymn-singing was in fact the earliest form of devotion for the Sikhs. Even in the time of Guru Nanak, the disciples assembled together to listen and sing shabads, i.e. hymns composed by the Guru and thus to render praise to the Lord. Kirtan has since been appropriated into the regular gurdwara service. But Sikh kirtan abstains from all outward expression or frenzy in the form of clapping and dancing. Praise is offered to the Supreme being who is without form (nirankar) and not to a deity in any embodiment or incarnation.

The texts of the shabad kirtan are those that comprise the Holy Book of Sikhs known as the Guru Granth Sahib, or Adi Granth, compiled by Guru Arjan in 1604. Probably no other religion shows a closer relationship between music and its scriptures than Sikhism. The Holy Book is organized according to ragas, 31 in number, to which the poetic hymns belong. We have weekly Gurmat Sangeet and tabla classes running and also invite parcharaks (preachers) to come and give programmes on a regular basis. 


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